The cost of your care at Cedar Lake will vary on the level of care needed. We currently accept Medicare, Medicaid, and many HMO and other insurance plans.  To understand the costs, please be prepared to discuss your finances in depth with our admissions people. Having your financial records organized and available will make the process much easier, particularly if you are applying for Medicaid, or expect to do so at a future date.  

Personal Funds

Some people enter the nursing home as private pay residents, using a combination of resources to pay for their expenses. Eventually, they may “spend down” their resources and meet the requirements for Medicaid to pay for their care.


Medicaid provides health-care services for low-income people, In Texas, Medicaid may pay all or part of nursing home care for eligible clients; however residents contribute to their care, based on income and other considerations.

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Most Rehab care at Cedar Lake is funded by Medicare. Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people over 65 or certain persons with disabilities.  If you need skilled nursing home or Rehabilitative care, Medicare may pay for limited time periods.  It does not pay for ongoing long-term care, such as extended nursing home stays. 

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HMO, PPO or Managed Medicare Insurance

Cedar Lake is in network with most major Insurance carriers. We will work with your other healthcare providers including your physician to obtain pre-authorizations and provide the necessary clinical updates to your insurance during your stay.

Private Insurance 

Cedar Lake accepts most Long Term Care and Health Insurance Plans

Our friendly and experienced admission staff will take all the time you need to discover your best funding options. They will help you explore every financial option for payment, and will make sure you receive all your healthcare benefits.