Superior Care Demands Exceptional Staff

Cedar Lake Nursing Home & Rehabilitation's staff is chosen for their intelligence, expertise, and sensitivity.  Caring for you or your loved one in this challenging period of life and changing environment requires the utmost consideration of patient’s feelings, concerns, and needs.

Each team member is carefully screened to ensure they meet the educational requirements, and standard of care expected for our highly skilled facility. Continuing education is provided and made available on a regular basis keeping everyone here on the cutting edge of current processes and care.

We offer a variety of activities and amenities for our residents. We encourage you to visit our facility and see things for yourself. You may find folks doing a waltz to the piano playing of a local favorite, or painting under the instruction of a recognized artist. Animals are a favorite here. Fellow, the nursing home dog, demands goodies everywhere he goes. Recently a trained pig visited. Two weeks later, a kangaroo They have a cooking class going right now and recently a bunch of them loaded up and went to Chuckie Cheese’s. 

Our rehab team is top notch. Safety and instruction combined with consistent calm assists our patients in healing much quicker.  Their professionalism is parallel to none, yet you may see a "high five" or a hug, and sometimes tears of frustration, or excitement. Our staff’s sensitivity and understanding causes them to take the time with a patient needed to reassure, explain, or simply be present.

Come see for yourself. Experience the joy and satisfaction so often felt among our staff and our extended family – your loved ones.Schedule a visit today. Call us at (903) 489-1702. Our well trained staff will be glad to answer your questions.

Cedar Lake Nursing Home & Rehabilitation provides services to all persons without regard to age, disability, race, color, national origin, religion, marital status or gender.